ALKO Companies is a growing conglomerate of associated companies that each carry an individual aspect of the personal and financial well-being of our customers and clients. Most of our companies are involved in the supply of educational information concerning wealth building and wealth preservation, while our other companies supply actual investment growth abilities.

ALKO Mission Statement

To seek, find, or form companies and like-minded people that desire to cross promote excellent real estate and wealth-building resources for the improvement of society everywhere.

Currently our corporate structure is undergoing major changes to provide better services to a larger percentage of individuals and business entities. This restructuring also includes internet and website access to our companies and their respective products.

ALKO Wealth Improvement Network ( provides excellent real estate and wealth building educational materials.

ALKO provides a monthly venue for the exchange of ideas, deals and expertise. Currently, Real Estate Investors Thunder ( is focusing on the San Francisco Bay Area; but will soon be growing nationwide. If you would like to join us, we can help you start a meet up in your area.

Alan’s personal site ( provides the insights and history of our founder, Alan David Kosinski.

Wholesaling Video Series

If you were previously enrolled in the Wholesaling Real Estate Video series on this site, we have upgraded the videos  and moved them to our site. Please visit that site to see our current offerings. You can reach out to us for more information at

Our Success

We understand that the key to the success for each of our companies is to identify and know who their particular customer is, then design products for that customer or direct them to the products of our sister companies, then market directly to that customer.

Adapting and using customer development processes by integrating emerging web, mobile, and cloud apps, we allow our customers direct application of our products in real time, continually receiving feedback that allows quick reincarnation of that product or even better and more useful future product